Managed Services

Managed Services

In the world of IT, Business Critical Applications play a major role and have grown tremendously in importance over the decades to be the heart and Soul of all Business Operations and growth. So, the availability of the Applications and the underlying layers has been the key to Business success.

There has been an increasing need to maintain the IT Environment, especially the underlying Infrastructure that holds the Business Applications and Database. This demands for a matured Support Services model that provides assurance to the availability and enhancement of the IT Environment, relieving Customers of their time, effort and risks in managing the IT infrastructure. This allows them to have their core focus on Business.

Managed Services is Outsourced management of IT Services governed by Outcome based agreements, delivering value to Customers, by accepting defined responsibilities and risks.



The benefits that you derive out of the Managed Services Model fall under Strategic, Value it creates and efficiency categories.


Managed Services encompasses our Service offerings in four broad categories of Engagement models

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