System Integration & Implementation

System Integration & Implementation


It’s been our constant endeavor to meet the on-demand requirements of our Customers to explore and embrace all possibilities in architecting the most appropriate and bulletproof solutions. Being Customer Centric, we do not leave any stone unturned to explore the range and variety of Customized Solutions and Services that we offer to our Customers.

SII-2We carry a legacy of over 20 years in keeping abreast of the latest Technologies all along our journey and this expertise has been the key to integrate various components of the IT Infrastructure perfectly without creating much of an impact in the existing Environment.

The Services listed is not exhaustive and continues to emerge.

Data Center Buildout – We have proven expertise and experience in building both legacy and the modular Data Centers for our Customers collaborating with best of vendors. We build them as per the Global standards from a security and scalability perspective.

Hardware Provisioning – This service covers a gamut of hardware that include Physical Servers, Active and Passive Network Devices, Security Devices, Storage Devices, etc., as a one-time implementation. We install and configure the hardware as per the standards and best practices in order to harden them.

Private Cloud Buildout – A private cloud is similar to public cloud, giving your Organization the speed, agility and cost savings assured by cloud technology creating single tenancy. We built private cloud for many of our Customers achieving the velocity and dexterity that creates a satisfaction of a Public Cloud experience.

Cloud Provisioning – Organizations need to scale up quickly whenever there is a need for additional computing and storage for their Business growth. This should happen on the fly when it comes to Cloud, but need experts hand to provision new Server Instances with securing it through hardening.

Server Virtualization – Server virtualization has been a game-changer for almost a decade now. In a world, where everything has been detrimental to the global Atmosphere, Virtualization has helped reduce the Hardware through Consolidation and efficiency improvement, thus reducing Carbon Foot Print and reduced operating costs. Our solid experience in Virtualizing more than 80% of the Customer’s Environment brings to the table the expertise to deliver this service flawlessly.

Storage Solutions – An IT Environment data is critical to business and the way in which it’s stored and retrieved is vital to the availability of Data whenever the Business needs it. The Design and Architecture of Storage solutions play a major role. This is where we step in and provide solutions that exactly fit the requirement and implement it with our expert team in a timely manner.

Security Solutions – Security plays a vital role in protecting Business Data to ensure that Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability aspects are being taken care of. To protect the Business Data and Critical IT Environment from external threats and hackers, there is a need for foolproof Security solution to be in place. This calls for experts hand in providing the most appropriate.

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