L7 Consulting

L7 Consulting

A Unique Service Offering from us, which helps Organizations to Align their Information Technology Environment PEOPLE, PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY to the Business Outcome. Your Virtual CIO, who helps you to realize Technology Benefits to Business

Virtual CIO – A 360 degree approach to IT transformation with Strategy Formulation, IT Alignment to the Business Roadmap, Goals & Objectives helping you to realize Maximum Technology Benefits to Business. Tangible Benefits to business include reduced cost outlay, IT Environment stability, improved performance and business agility. The pyramid depicts the Model and areas of focus of this unique service.

  • Participate in strategic & operational governance as a senior management team.
  • Design enterprise architecture to align with Mission of the organization
  • Prioritize implementation in line with business benefits and budget
  • Create, optimize and manage IT capex and OpEx budget
  • Statutory and Compliance
  • Information Security, business continuity management
  • Develop business case justifications & Cost/benefit analyses for IT spending and initiatives
  • Prioritize and control projects as they relate to the selection, acquisition, development and installation of major information systems.
  • Source IT products at most optimal price



Our Level 7 consultants will do a detailed study of IT landscape, conduct user group dialogues to understand where your business is headed and arrive at a composite plan to meet objectives. The methodologies and deliverables for the engagement will be the basis on a project plan or blueprint.
This approach will be accompanied by a unique engagement model that addresses specific business strategies and include expansion of monitoring footprint to accommodate growth.
Futurenet will assist in transferring the blueprint into reality with defined metrics and measurable outcomes.



  • Maximizing Technology Benefits
  • Clear Technology Roadmap
  • Business Agility
  • Environment Availability, Stability & Predictability
  • Risk Reduction & a Secure Business Environment
  • Future Readiness
  • Bulletproof Solutions

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