Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

“Over the next few years, we are about to witness the world we live in entirely disrupted by improvements in artificial intelligence (AI). As the voice and facial recognition continue to evolve, machine learning algorithms are getting smarter. More and more industries are being influenced by AI, and our society as we know it is transforming.”

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Agriculture, and Aerospace. It helps industries to improve their Productivity, Efficiency and Proactive services making it more customer centric and hence increasing customer satisfaction thereby leading to increase their ROI.

Futurenet Technologies & Artificial intelligence
AI/DL Labs
  • We help higher educational institutions build Centre’s of Excellence by adopting cutting edge hardware to setup AI labs for learning and Research.
Training and development
  • Creating Technology awareness on Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Nvidia DLI training
  • Creating a network between educational institutions and AI Startups in India to make students aware of technology and AI products in the market
Consulting and Support
  • Provide Consulting and supporting services to Industries (Health Care, Finance, Media, manufacturing etc.,) in order to adopt AI technologies

AI in Industries

AI brings a competitive advantage to business

AI in Media and Entertainment
  • Marketing and Advertising - ROI analysis on marketing campaigns using video analytics.
  • Personalized services – User behavior analysis and recommending contents based on the viewing and search history.
  • Experience innovation- With machine learning algorithms and computer vision technologies, lot of innovation is done in Virtual reality (VR) and Augment reality (AR).
AI in Health care
  • Fast & Accurate diagnostics: Some diseases require immediate action otherwise they will become more severe. Luckily AI systems have the capability to learn from previous cases and store knowledge, as well as access stored knowledge anywhere around the globe
  • Reduce Human errors: AI may be most effective at reducing human error. After all, human beings are emotional and sensitive beings, so any emotional trauma or stress on the doctor’s side might pose a threat to the patient undergoing the operation. AI could be the best assistant as it would monitor the whole procedure and greatly decrease stressful situations.
  • Cost Reduction: With the emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, the patient can get doctor assistance without visiting hospitals/clinics which results in cost-cutting. AI assistants provide online care &  assist patients to add their data more frequently via online medical records etc.
  • Virtual Presence: This technology is also known as Telemedicine which allows specialists to assist their patients who live in remote locations. Using a remote presence robot, doctors can engage with their staff & patients in hospitals/clinics & assist or clear their queries.
AI in Manufacturing
  • Human-Robot collaboration- Using of robot to automate boring and repetitive tasks give more space to humans to work on complex and innovative tasks.
  • Industry 4.0- the machineries have connected with each other through smart devices which generates lot of data. These data can be used to create AI solution for proactive and predictive maintenance and analysis.
  • Adapting ever changing market- supply chains and predicting market changes which gives competitive edge.
AI in Finance
  • Risk Management – Algorithm analyze the history of risk cases and identifies early signs of potential future issues.
  • Trading – Algorithm uses both structured (DB, spreadsheets) and Unstructured (social media, news) data to predict stock performance.
  • Personalized banking- In banking sector AI powered chatbots helps provide comprehensive self-help solution which reduces the workload of call centers.

As Nvidia preferred partner Futurenet provides all Nvidia AI specific cutting-edge Hardware and Software solutions.

How Futurenet Technologies helps in Artificial intelligence?

  • Creating Technology awareness on Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Helping higher educational institutions build Centre’s of Excellence by adopting cutting edge hardware to setting up AI labs for learning and Reasearch
  • Providing hardware solutions to startups according to their unique requirements.
  • Creating a network between educational institutions and AI Startups in India to make students aware of technology and AI products in the market
  • Nvidia DLI training
  • Consulting and supporting Industries (Health Care, Finance, Media, Manufacturing,) to adopt AI technologies

Nvidia DGX Family

  • Purpose built AI hardware and software integrated systems for unique needs of different users.
  • All AI frameworks available with Nvidia docker containers.
  • Optimized for Deep learning frameworks and Architectures.
  • Nvidia guidance and Support.
Nvidia DGX
DGX vs Do it Yourself
DGX Station

Designed for your data science teams, NVIDIA® DGX Station™ is the world’s fastest workstation for leading-edge AI development. This fully integrated and optimized system enables your team to get started faster and effortlessly experiment with the power of a data center in your office.

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DGX-1 Server: Essential Instrument for AI research,

Fast-track your initiative with a solution that works right out of the box, so you can gain insights in hours instead of weeks or months. NVIDIA® DGX-1™ is the integrated software and hardware system that supports your commitment to AI research with an optimized combination of compute power, software and deep learning performance.

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DGX -2 Server: The world’s most powerful AI system for the most complex AI problems.

Experience 10X the deep learning performance With NVIDIA® DGX-2™, the world’s first 2 petaFLOPS system that combines 16 interconnected GPUs for the highest levels of speed and scale from NVIDIA. Powered by NVIDIA®DGX™ software and the scalable architecture of NVIDIA NVSwitch, DGX-2 is the platform of choice for taking on the world’s most complex AI challenges.

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Nvidia Virtualization solutions

Nvidia virtualization platform lets you to extend the power of Nvidia GPUs to everyone in your organizations, from knowledge workers to designers and engineers.

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