A Cost-effective solution for secure 24/7 uptime

A Cost-effective solution for secure 24/7 uptime

The Requirement:

Amazon Route 53 a scalable Domain Name Service (DNS) is designed to give businesses a reliable, cost effective method of routing end users to Internet applications by translating domain names to their relevant numeric IP addresses.

Due to the issue of poor connectivity in the country, Futurenet’s clients were forced to use multiple ISPs to ensure their domains were available 24/7. This led to them incurring huge internet costs and wanted a solution quickly.

The Challenge:

To seamlessly migrate 150 Clients who had hosted at Futurenet’s Datacenter to AWS Route 53 so that they could cut down on their ballooning internet costs.

Futurenet Solution :

150 clients were migrated and it was achieved without disrupting their day-to-day business operations.

Result Delivered:

Futurenet’s customers were delighted since their domain was now available 24/7 and it was secure as well with DNS failover. Additionally Futurenet was able to offer 24/7 remote monitoring and support services as a value addition.

Customers’ internet costs were dramatically reduced with this solution.

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