Quick-to- market Solution that enabled a 40% saving on setup costs

Quick-to- market Solution that enabled a 40% saving on setup costs

The Requirement:

Our client, a Dubai-based products, solutions and services provider with a presence in diverse domains like Maritime, Industrial Automation, Life and Analytical Sciences, Education, Identification and Security Services and RFID solutions was seeking,

  • transactional efficiency,
  • greater control on customization
  • cost efficiency of operation

The Challenge:

The key challenges were

  • Providing secure access using VDI
  • Setting up a co-located Centralized Data Center
  • Ensuring connectivity from any location across all devices, 24/7
  • And making available applications – ERP, Email & MS Office

Futurenet Solution :

A detailed business process study with features expansion, followed by volume analysis to identify hardware requirement was the first action line for the team.

The Futurenet Team looked at multiple options – both traditional and innovative – to identify a viable solution. The options with our recommendations were put forth to the client and every detail explained.

Result Delivered:

The Futurenet recommendation included a one-time cost with a recurring annual cost that was competitive with a faster go-live. The entire IT Setup was carried out using Amazon Web Services (AWS)- a cloud solution!

The services and security features of AWS provided a 40% cost saving and was completely scalable. Another advantage was that the one-time hardware cost was entirely eliminated.

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