PASS Audit

PASS Audit

Does your IT Infrastructure make the Cut?

Technology is a Silent Performer – barely acknowledged when it functions at peak efficiency, but extremely distracting when it falls short of our expectations.
PassAudit-2 PASS Audit is a unique and effective way to benchmark the current status and future performance of your Organization’s IT environment. It facilitates an extensive study of your Organization’s IT environment and provides key insights across various parameters.  As a Customer you need to find out if your IT Infrastructure is aligned to your Growth path in coming years. PASS Audit lets you know this.

Any Organization’s IT layout can be scoped across four parameters – Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability – that together constitute the PASS Audit. Questions regarding why your IT Infrastructure has suddenly begun to “Crawl”, why it seems to work On and Off or how you could ward off current and future attacks in your network can always pose challenges. PASS Audit is the Whistle Blower

Consider the entire Architecture of your IT environment. Across organizations, the top Management is focused on the topmost layer – the Analytics Layer, which is made available on their dashboard. But, for this to be made possible, the layer below – Infrastructure, Applications and information collation through a database – need to function smoothly. PASS Audit make it happen


 Finding the Gap

 How does the Enterprise Architecture Pyramid help in developing a framework for the PASS Audit? To begin with, the varying parameters of the PASS Audit and the Pyramid together constitute a 4 x 4 Matrix. This matrix presents 16 potential gap threats that an Organizations IT Environment can have. An exhaustive Study is conducted to see how the IT Infrastructure fares against all 16 Consideration points. This culminates in a detailed report that is submitted to the Customer, in which PASS Audit has highlighted the weak links in IT Landscape.


PASS Methodology

PASS-Audit Methodology

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